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Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain

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Sabre is a name you can trust when it comes to Defense products.

Red Pepper Spray, CS Military Tear Gas, & Invisible UV Dye
pepper Spray by Sabre Kr-14 is an advanced 3 in one oc spray, uv dye  and tear gas.  Made By SEC it provides security in a simple compact canister with key chain attachment. The small, yet powerful 0.54 oz KEY RING delivers a ballistic stream which reduces wind blow-back about 8-10 feet. Approximately 25 shots are contained in a single compact canister
Sabre Advantages

Level I, II & III Formulations
Each formulation incorporates the advantages common to SABRE products. Choose your ideal heat level.

Ultraviolet Marking Dye
Identify subjects up to 48 hour post exposure. The UV Dye is detectable on both skin & clothing.

EID Compatibility
All models listed in the SABRE Law Enforcement Catalog (stream, cone, foam, and fog) are EID compatible (video and documentation available).

Deployment Versatility
Increase Target Acquisition when subjects duck or attempt to block spray. SABRE MK-2 (Flip-Top), MK-3, MK-3.5 & MK-4 will fire upside down (see chart below).

Delivery Bursts Action
Stream ½ Second Quick Shots No Shaking Needed
Cone ½ Second Quick Shots Shaking Required
Foam ½ Second Quick Shots Shake If Necessary

Reduce Injuries & Liability

Independent laboratory testing is imperative! Security Equipment Corporation backs its products with over 32 years of experience (1975) and the following tests:
• Acute Inhalation
• Dermal Irritation
• EPA Flame Extension
• Electronic Immobilization Device (EID) Compatibility
• Eye Irritation
• High Temperature Exposure
• High Performance Liquid Chromatography
• Low Temperature Exposure
• Leakage Prevention
• Test Deployment – Every Flip-Top Aerosol

ISO 9001:2000 Certified
The best 3rd party confirmation of SEC’s commitment to OC excellence was recognized in December of 2004.

Passed S&P Institute Testing
Only three of eight brands tested passed the Swedish National Laboratory’s test performed for the Scandinavian Police Forces. SABRE was chosen as the exclusive OC spray for Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden.

Registered EPA & Health Canada Establishment
SEC has registered OC sprays with the Environmental Protection Agency & Health Canada.

Sabre Pepper Spray Specs
  • Special safety lock to prevent accidential discharge
  • Instantly effective
  • Contains approximately 25 bursts
  • Effective firing range of 8-10 feet
  • Shelf life of up to 4 years (Expires: 2013)
  • 3" tall x .75" wide, 14g
  • Approved 2-position safety valve