HC-NBCF-01 Breast Cancer
EAN: 0023063105475

Sabre Pink

  • 54 oz Key Ring
  • Projects 8 to 10 Feet
  • Ballistic Stream Delivery - Reduces Wind Blow-Back
  • Contains Approximately 25 Shots
  • Saber Pink Pepper Spray  Making grown men cry

NBCF PINK Key Ring Quick Release - SABRE Red Self-Defense Maximum Strength Red Pepper Spray & Invisible UV Dye

The Quick Release with detachable key chain allows immediate access to your defense spray when unlocking a door or driving an automobile


Proceeds of every sale of the Sabre Red pink key-chain spray are donated to the Breast


Cancer Foundation!

Sabre Red cares and they are proving it.

Help Best Pepper Sprays become the #1 retailer for this product so we can do our part!


The most popular SABRE style, the Quick Release, is a powerful 0.54 oz container delivering a ballistic stream which reduces wind blow-back about 8-10 feet. Approximately 25 shots are contained in the compact canister.