Hinged Handcuffs
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Handcuffs Police Grade Steel

We carry a variety of police grade handcuffs made of steel.

Many of our double locking hinged handcuffs come in their own carrying case that will fit on most standard belts.

These are not your cheap toy handcuffs but steel and high quality.  Many police and law enforcement officers are purchasers of these.



Double Locking Silver Hinged Handcuffs Double Locking

Buy 10 get 2 Free steel Handcuffs
  • New deluxe handcuffs
  • Hinged
  • Double locking
  • Nickel plated steel
  • Carrying case included
  • The Hinged Handcuffs are ideal for securing a prisoner or offender to an arresting officer by means of handcuffs having a locking device which functions both as a hinge pin and to block and lock individual shackles against manipulation.  These also are great to use as play bondage tools as well as stage props for shows and movies do to the authentic look of them.  The hinged handcuff shackle positively prevents escape of the prisoner from the locked handcuffs by outside manipulation with an instrument or tool.