Mace Pepper Sprays

Mace Brand Pepper sprays are known for quality protection and used by many police officers and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.  Many Oc Sprays Now with Free Shipping.

MACE offers a wide variety of pepper sprays for use against humans and animals MACE Muzzle Dog Repellent .  Our Top Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Defense Spray (Pocket)  for the woman that demands class.

Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Defense Spray

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Hot Pink Mace: Female Defense Pepper Spray Flip-Top Great pepper spray for women and purses.

The Hot Pink Mace has a flip top for safety so no need to worry about accidental discharge.

Mace® Hot Pink Defense Spray is our sexiest  version of pepper spray by far.  This the maximum strength version of pepper defense spray.  Mace Pink formula contains 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration for a top notch defense against attackers.

Mace Pepper Spray Gun

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The Mace Pepper spray guns come in a variety of colors including Pink, Blue, Black and Silver.  These are great for stores or in your car as they feature a line of sight mace gun that can shoot up to 25 FT.


The Mace Pepper Gun is our top selling pepper spray gun that  uses an advanced delivery system utilizing paMace Pepper spray guns come in a variety of colorstented Bag-in-a-Can Technology. This new system allows the pepper spray (OC) to spray in a continuous stream pattern from any angle, even when Pepper Spray Gun is held upside down.
Sprays 7 stream blasts up to 25 feet.

The trigger activated LED light allows for better aim and temporarily disorients intruder.
Take aim and squeeze and stop your attacker dead in his tracks. 
The Mace OC super strength pepper spray formula (.74 Capsaicinoids) is contained in a disposable cartridge that can be replaced when empty.
This gun is what you need when you want a a portable unit capable of long range and effective stopping power. You don't need a grenade to stop your attacker but the pepper spray gun.

Item size similar to a small 38.

Weight = less than 12 oz filled

Mace Muzzle Dog Repellent

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Mace Muzzle is effective at stopping dog attacks. 
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Mace Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent Spray Dog repellents can keep away unwanted dogs while you are walking your own canine, running, jogging, biking or enjoying walk with your children. Unleashed, untrained, angry dogs can threaten you personal safety and dog pepper spray can give you added security against wild, vicious dogs. Dog sprays are made with the same active "hot" pepper ingredients as traditional pepper spray.

 This Muzzle defense spray product is just as strong and effective as traditional OC pepper spray, but is EPA-approved to be a humane way to stop a dog attack or vicious animal. Just a single spray to the dog's face will repel the angry animal humanely and effectively with a temporary (but intense) burning sensation. This 14 gram canine spray canister is easy to carry on a belt, waistband or attached to a set of keys.

 This MACE brand product features an easy flip-top safety cap that prevents unwanted use while being carried. If you do encounter a dog that violates your safety, this item also has a contoured finger grip to assist your aiming accuracy. This product is easily dispensed with a single flip-push motion using thumb for the best grip. Each unit fires about 10 one-second bursts Effective range 10-12 feet Every unit "test fired" before shipping by Mace Built-in belt clip and key chain Easy to follow instructions included Includes self-adhesive fastener for bicycle use .

Mace Gun H20 Refill

2 pack

(2 pack) Mace Gun Refills: H2O Pepper Spray Cartridges Refill

Great for practicing with your Mace Gun.  This is a 2 pack of water H20 refills.

Mace Gun H20 Refill

2 pack

(2 pack) Mace Gun Refills: OC Pepper Spray Cartridges Refill

Works with all Mace Pepper Spray Guns.  This is a 2 pack of OC refills.